As society progresses, the need and desire for a clean, hygienic and comfortable lifestyle increases. What a good way to start by bringing this lifestyle to cater to our most basic need – our toilets.
Stream of Life has the solution to a cleaner, more hygienic and comfortable washrooms.
We believe in the many benefits that the bidet can bring to you and your family. The bidet is widely-used in countries like Japan, Korea, European countries, America and Australia.
Browse through our website and be convinced by our products – the bidet and why you should use it and adopt this clean, hygienic and comfortable lifestyle.

Why Bidets

  • Bidets are not dirty - they are much cleaner than toilets,
  • Bidets leave you cleaner - just like washing your hands,
  • Bidets are not weird - they've been used for over 200 years by millions of normal people all around the world,
  • Many doctors are now recommending bidets as a additional preventive measure anal diseases (constipation, piles, Hemorrhoids & Diarrhea).1